WINTER 2022 programme updated see layout HERE (pdf file is added)

The start of the course - Saturday, 26 November 2022, at 14:00

The end of the course - Monday, 28 November 2022, at 14:30

See the faculty listed here -

Programme topics:

Clinical sessions:

  • Brief clinical update sessions "Teach Your Colleagues" (3-4 participants present per set - each 15-20' long)
  • "Meet the Expert" - cardiology, malnutrition and re-feeeding syndrome
  • "Pandora's Box" - CPC (Clinicopathological Conference) on endocrinology/IM
  • "Choosing Wisely" - Workshop

Non-clinical skills (Workshops) - all will be available for all participants (rotation):

  • "Communication - poorly performing colleagues"
  • "Communication - dealing with complaints"
  • "Hidden curriculum" (feedback, strategy)
  • Leadership skills in healthcare

Challenging IM Clinical cases (15-20' long):

  • „Had never heard about this” (rare disease or clinical manifestation)
  • „Had no clue in the beginning” (difficult path to the diagnosis)
  • „Which path should I take?” (difficult differential diagnosis)
  • „Just nice to demonstrate”